Shaykh Irshad al Azhari

Shaykh Irshad Al Azhari is UK Based young Islamic Research Scholar and Public Figure who is serving Humanity across the world. After completing his academic studies in his village near Bangalore, Hazrat Shaykh Hāfiz-o-Qārī Muhammad Irshād Al Najmī Al Azharī enrolled into Sunni Dawate Islami's central institution of studies Al Jāmi'atul Ghausiyah Najm ul Ulūm, Mumbai. He graduated from there as a Najmī scholar after completing 6 years Ālim course.  Thereafter, he had the desire to memorize the Holy Qur'an and after visiting the shrine of Shah Hāfiz Jamālullāh alaihir rahmah in Rāmpur to gain blessings and assistance, he enrolled into Dārul Ulūm Anwār-e-Razā, Nausārī. Here he completed Hifz-e-Qur'ān in only 1 MONTH and 25 Days, which he regards as a karāmat of Shāh Hāfiz Jamālullāh alaihir rahmah.  After graduating as a Hāfiz-e-Qur'ān from Dārul Ulūm Anwār-e-Razā, Hazrat spent 4 years in Egypt. He has a Bachelors degree in 'Comparative religion' and 'Takhassus fil Da'wah' from Jāmi'ah Al Azhar, Cairo. During his 4 years in Egypt he also completed an Arabic Language Diploma from Cairo University and attended George Washington university (also in Cairo). Hazrat has Masters Degree from India's No 1 University JMI Delhi. Hazrat has received Ijāzat-e-Hadīth from over 100 Arab scholars of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. One notable scholar amongst them was the late syrian scholar Sheikh Sa'īd Ramadān Al Būtī. Hazrat has attended dozens of International Conferences and also has students across the world at very young age. His popular written work is لمحات مع علم التفسير و مناهج" المفسرين "and undergoing written work لمحات مع علم الحديث و مناهج المحدثين.

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Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi 

Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi is a UK Based Islamic Scholar who is serving humanity across the world. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi was born in Mumbai (India). He has studied the full curriculum of Islamic Sciences from Al Jamiya Ghausiya Najmool Uloom (central institute of Sunni Dawat e Islami). His role in Al Noor Mosque is an Imam and lecturer. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi has also worked on different Islamic Projects, translated books, answered questions asked by the Muslim community and many more. He has joined Al Noor Mosque in May 2018, and since he has joined, he has been educating the Muslim community about various topics. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi has also taught lots of students, especially in the lockdown period, and these classes had a 100% pass result Alhamdulillah! 

Muhammad Abid Chishti

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Muhammad Abid Chishti is a UK Based Islamic Scholar, with 10 years of international experience. He was born in 1984, in Pakistan. Muhammad Abid Chishti memorised the Quran and also completed a 10 year Alim course. He has achieved a M.Phil in Islamic Studies at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has also worked on some projects, such as a Quranic Arabic Course, a Quran Reading Course and many more. In August 2011, Muhammad Abid Chishti was a head teacher at Anjuman Raza-e-MUSTAFA (PBUH). As a head teacher at this school, he has turned around the teaching style at the institute, built and implemented religious course strategy, drastically improved parents’ confidence in Newport’s religious education system and designed and imparted religious course for senior citizens/adults. He then became a lecturer at a college in Kundian, Pakistan. As a lecturer at this college, Muhammad Abid Chishti reformed religious awareness by conducting monthly sessions, organised regular individual counselling of students out of the class, taught Arabic and many more. He has joined Al Noor Mosque, and since he has joined Al Noor Mosque, he has been educating the Muslim community about various topics relating to Islam. Muhammad Abid Chishti has also taught lots of students, especially in the lockdown period, and these classes had a 100% pass result Alhamdulillah! 

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