Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi 

Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi is a UK Based Islamic Scholar who is serving humanity across the world. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi was born in Mumbai (India). He has studied the full curriculum of Islamic Sciences from Al Jamiya Ghausiya Najmool Uloom (central institute of Sunni Dawat e Islami). His role in Al Noor Mosque is an Imam and lecturer. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi has also worked on different Islamic Projects, translated books, answered questions asked by the Muslim community and many more. He has joined Al Noor Mosque in May 2018, and since he has joined, he has been educating the Muslim community about various topics. Shaykh Azmatullah Najmi has also taught lots of students, especially in the lockdown period, and these classes had a 100% pass result Alhamdulillah! 

Azmatullah Najmi Saab Image for Website.