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As a Mosque, we realise the importance of education for the children and we want to help them become the best Muslims possible. In our Madrassah classes, we teach them the Qur'an, and also Islamic Studies.

Madrassah Classes

Why join our Madrassah?

Important Information

Madrassah Curriculum

  • Quran with Tajweed

  • Sunnah of Prophet

  • Daily Duas

  • Islamic studies

  • Seerah of Prophet

  • Seerah of Sahaba

  • Aqidah (Beliefs)

  • Noorani Qaida for younger kids

Terms and Conditions

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Student details:

Important Information:

  • You will be sent a document to sign to acknowledge you accept the terms and conditions and you would like to enroll your child/children to our Madrassah classes.

  • If the learner requires special behavior support, please tell us in writing how the teacher or Imam will manage their condition and what authority are you giving to the teacher to apply reasonable restrain to protect your child and other children.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

Thanks for filling in the application form. We will get back to you within 72 hours InshaAllah! You should also receive a document by email to sign to acknowledge you accept these terms and conditions.

Both Jamia Mosque and Al Noor Mosque are proud to offer Madrassah classes for children and young adults. The traditional system of Islamic education ensures that every child has an understanding of at least the fundamental principles of faith, which allows every child to fulfill basic and obligatory acts of worship. It is the right of a child that they are educated on essential matters of faith and are raised with teachings of moral behavior. Therefore, every parent has a responsibility to ensure that they find an appropriate Madrasah for their child to attend. You can contact us on our website for more information about our Madrassah classes, and you can book a free consultation with our Imams!

  1. English speaking teachers and Imams - All of our Imams speak English, making the communication between a student and their teachers effective. Not only do they speak English, but all of our Imams are very friendly with the pupils, which encourages the pupils to learn and create a generally positive experience.

  2. Friday Fun Days - Our Madrassah in Al Noor Mosque has a 'Friday Fun Day', which is where the kids will participate in an activity for one hour, such as table tennis, football, cricket, or crafts. This encourages the pupils to come to the Madrassah on a Friday, and it enables them to socialise with the class. This has proven to be very successful, and all of the pupils enjoy participating in these activities on a regular basis. 

  3. Classes are structured according to age and the student progression levels - All students are put into classes with students of their ability, which helps the students to progress together throughout their time in the Madrassah classes. Each class will be given a dedicated teacher, who will assist the students to the best of their ability. 

  • The Madrassah classes run from 5pm-7pm, every Monday-Friday

  • Ages 5-15, both boys and girls

  • The boys are taught by male teachers and the girls are taught by female teachers

  • The Madrassah year runs from September to September; including breaks for important Islamic dates.

  • Fees are collected at the beginning of each month (£15 per child) - It is crucial that you pay these fees on time, as it enables us to run the Madrassah classes effectively.

  • We have strict policies, and we expect all pupils to respect each other and the teachers, to enable everyone to learn in a fantastic environment. 



  1. Although we accept learners from all Sects of the Muslim religion, please be aware that we practice Ahli Sunnah Jamaat Baralavi and all of our Imam’s (Religious Workers) belong to this sect.

  2. We live in a diverse western society and we support and teach diversity and fully respect the law of the land.

  3. We accept Children aged (a) boys from 5 to 15 years, (b) girls from 5 15 years

  4. Admission for the children with special needs will be subject to wider consultation and may require additional financial and parental support as we are a very small institution with limited resources.

  5. Only children who are formally registered and have paid their fees can attend the classes.

  6. No sweets / fizzy drinks / games / mobiles and MP3 are allowed in class room.

  7. Any complaints must be in writing and the complaint procedure must be followed.



8. Children must attend classes regularly except when absence is due to illness or another emergency. A note of absence must be sent to the Imam / teacher.

a. If your child’s attendance is below 50% during any semester, it will lead to automatic dismissal from the Mosque’s learning centre

 b. Upon the request of Imam / Teacher / Committee members, parents will attend the meeting, failure to do so will result in expulsion.


Drop Off and Collect

9. Children must be dropped off and collected from the Mosque at the correct time.

a. Your child’s safety is your responsibility. Mosque and its committee will not be responsible or liable for any damages if any accident occur in the play area or outside the Mosque.

b. Newport City Council and Gwent Police are very strict with the vehicle users who block the traffic outside the learning establishment while dropping or picking the child. The Mosque will assist the authorities in every manner to avoid any traffic pressures.

c. If the parent wants their child walk home with an elder sibling or be collected by any other person other than the registered parent or guardian, they must notify the Mosque in writing.


Behaviour for learning and Safeguarding


10. Any student whose continued presence at the Mosque is deemed to be harmful to the other students and Imam / Teacher will be expelled from the Mosque with immediate effect.

 11. Any child or vulnerable adult in danger will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Note: These terms and conditions will be regularly reviewed and amended/updated accordingly.


The updated copies will be published on Mosque Notice Boards and on our website (

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