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About Us

Serving the Newport Muslim Community

Al Noor Mosque and Jamia Mosque have served the Muslim community for many years Alhamdulillah. Our Imams have been working hard, especially during lockdown to create new articles, videos, online classes, live events, and many more to ensure that the Muslim community is able to learn about Islam at home. This has been a huge success, and many of these have been continued.

Both of our Masjids hold monthly gatherings, where English speeches are delivered about a specific topic in Islam. You can follow us on Facebook (Jamia and Al Noor Project), follow us on Instagram (@jamianoornewport), subscribe to our YouTube channel (Jamia and Al Noor Newport), and join our WhatsApp group (email us at to join the WhatsApp group).

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Our Story

The Masjids have been caring for the religious, spiritual, and pastoral needs of the local community as well as when required globally for many decades.  At both Jamia Mosque and Al Noor Mosque, Newport, it is our goal to educate Muslims from all walks of life, especially young Muslims, in religious development. We run many schemes to help support our brothers and sisters, and the wider community, by promoting good morals & conduct. We also facilitate greater awareness and understanding of Islam to assist both present and future generations of Muslims to preserve and instill Islam in their lives. 

Meet The Imams

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Hazrat Allama Azmatullah Najmi Razavi

    Imam at Al Noor Mosque

    Allama Azmatullah Najmi is a UK Based Islamic Scholar who is serving humanity across the world. Allama Azmatullah Najmi was born in Mumbai (India). He has studied the full curriculum of Islamic Sciences from Al Jamiya Ghausiya Najmool Uloom (central institute of Sunni Dawat e Islami). His role in Al Noor Mosque is as an Imam and lecturer. Allama Azmatullah Najmi has also worked on different Islamic Projects, translated books, answered questions asked by the Muslim community, and many more. He has joined Al Noor Mosque in May 2018, and since he joined, he has been educating the Muslim community about various topics. Allama Azmatullah Najmi has also taught lots of students, especially during the lockdown period, and these classes had a 100% pass result Alhamdulillah! 


    Mufti Sajjad Ahmad Jalali

      Imam at Jamia Mosque

      Mufti Sajjad Ahmad Jalali is an Islamic Scholar based in the UK. Born in Gujrat, Pakistan, he completed the entire Dars e Nizami curriculum at Jamia Islamabad and subsequently taught the Islamic sciences for 5 years. Furthering his education, Mufti Sajjad pursued an MPhil in Islamic Studies at the Islamic University Islamabad whilst also holding the position of Head of Department and lecturer in the Islamic department of a prestigious college. Currently, Mufti Sajjad serves as an Imam at Jamia Mosque, offering guidance and counseling to the broader community.


      Imam Hafiz Mohammad Yasin

        Imam at Jamia Mosque

        Imam Hafiz Mohammad Yasin was born in Bristol, England, where he initiated his education by completing the memorisation of the Holy Qur’an, and had since been leading the Taraweeh prayers. Hafiz Yasin went on to pursue the full Dars e Nizami curriculum of Islamic sciences and classical Arabic under the guidance and tutalige of his esteemed teachers as well as the honourable Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada at one of the leading Islamic institutes in the UK, Jamia al-Karam (Retford). Hafiz Yasin assumed the role of Imam at Jamia Mosque in November 2023. In this capacity, he delivers lectures, workshops, and provides various services to serve the broader community.

        Meet The Committee

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        What Our Community Says

        Review from Feedback Form

        "MashaAllah, the people who help out in the commitee are amazing. Lots of events have been organised for the kids, such as Eid parties, Friday fun days, and there is also an initiative for the kids to play a sporting activity. Keep up the excellent work!"

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