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A short reminder!

"When we were younger, lots of us had our futures sketched out; it was meant to be so perfect. Some us were supposed to get married to that person who seemed so right, but for some reason it just did not work out. Some of us had friendship which we thought would last for a lifetime, but it ended so sudden. Some of us worked so hard but we didn't end up getting that place in uni. Others of us had our careers mapped out, but we just couldn't get that job offer. Some of us wanted a particular guy by 23, a bigger house, a better body, but for some reason everything closed and every dream disappeared before our eyes.

Allah only closed the doors of the world on you because he wanted you to return to His door of proximity. Remain filled with gratitude, for Allah has promised to increase the people of Shukr. Never give up and refuse to despair. A time will come when everything will click. You are under the care and protection of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If He says, "Be" then it shall "Be". Trust the plan of Allah. Be patient and have taqwa. Stay positive, have high hopes and think about everything which Allah has gifted you. No regret can change the past and no guilt can turn back time."

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