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Crucial Message addressing Elderly in Islam

It's always sad to see the elderly out and about alone. Sometimes shopping, carrying bags or just at the local chemist or something.

This isn't Islam.

I understand that sometimes, they might not have kids and have no other practical option. But often, these elders do have children and don't have to be alone like this.

Let me tell you something. They don't want their kids' money. They just want their time and that they sit there and just talk to them. Let me tell you, they aren't like youth today who only wish to benefit from their parents' wealth. These elders don't care for your wealth. They don't want a penny of it.

Take them wherever they need to go. Go with them. Don't let them be alone. They made you who you are today. Treat them as you want to be treated when you're 70 by your kids. Would you like it if your son was happy to see you catch the bus and struggle? Or would you prefer him opening the front door to his luxurious car for you and chauffeur you wherever and whenever you want?

Let us be Muslims.

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