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Divorce in Islam - Message by Imam Azmatullah Najmi

If anyone tells you their marriage is perfect, they're lying.

It isn't meant to be!

It is about finding someone compatible who obviously has flaws but whose qualities outweigh the few niggles they may have.

These minor matters are NOT enough for divorce.

She isn't perfect. Are you?! He isn't perfect. Are you?!

Why are you seeking divorce over trivial matters? Why are you ignoring his/her good points?

Muslims need to wake up. The divorce rate is shooting through the roof mainly because our threshold of what we put up with is rock bottom. We expect perfection whilst ourselves being full of faults.

No person is perfect. Accept the drawbacks. Have your eye on the things you like.

This isn't me saying no one should ever divorce. It's me saying stop divorcing for petty things. Juma Mubarak

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