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Habib Ali ibn Jafar

Habib Ali ibn Ja'far was known as the wali of Malaysia. He was originally from Tarim and his wife passed away when he was a 30 years old so he never got married again because he loved her so much. He never returned to Tarim at old age when he sensed that death was close because he always wanted to be buried next to his wife. He would say, 'What will happen on the Day of Judgement, when we are raised? If I am buried somewhere else, she'll say, 'Where has my Habib gone? Why didn't he wait for me?'

He always wanted to be buried next to her however, there was literally no space next to her. She was buried between graves and there was not enough earth next to her. Before he died, he instructed that people take him by her grave and bury him because Allah will make space. It was literally impossible that this could happen right? but guess what? On that day, they took his body to the graveyard, and the earth seemed to have expanded and there was miraculously space for one body, AND HE WAS BURIED THERE! people were absolutely shocked. Do you see what love does? Do you see the miracles of loyalty?

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