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Ignore Society!

Society is designed to make us hate our situation. The skinny want to gain weight. The overweight want to lose weight. The short wish they were an inch taller. The tall wish they were slightly shorter. Those with light complexions want to get slightly tanned. The tanned want to get slightly lighter. The single wish they could be married. The married reminisce about the days of less responsibility whilst single. The ones who didn't go to uni wish they got a degree. Those who went to uni wish they went straight into a job. The childless couple can't experience serenity until they are blessed with a baby child. Parents with babies would do anything to experience a moment of serenity. The young want to be older and the old only wish they could go back to being younger. The unemployed are dying to work and those working are dying for a break.

Honestly, whether you're overweight, skinny, rich, broke, husband, wife, mother, or father, young or old - society will never be satisfied and they'll never be content with you. Don't look at what you don't have. Look at everything you do have. Allāh said, 'If you are grateful - I shall surely increase you!'

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