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Read this if you have children!

If you have young children then I strongly advise you do everything in order to make them feel like you are a best friend and a mentor. This is not just the job of the mother. Both of you must struggle and sacrifice in order to nurture and raise these precious souls. You need to be the reason they laugh, smile and feel happiness. You need to be their favourite story, their greatest hero and their most beloved source of fun. You need to be their entertainment, their recreation and your lap has to be their source of relaxation. They don't need TVs and Tablets all the time. They need to look at you. They need to gaze at your face and feel tranquillity and compassion. They need to see you smile with joy and happiness. They have to observe you praying and playing. They have to see you loving and respecting one another.

Even if you work, you must give them time and be disciplined. Take them to the farm, the countryside and the park. Make them love caring for animals and make the outdoors something they look forward to. Enhance their skills in reading, writing and learning, and invest in knowledge. Teach them self defense and play with them in the kitchen. You have to paint, draw and get messy with them. Don't be boring. Be energetic, fun and full of lots of little surprises. Instill within them the love of the Messenger ﷺ and his family and teach them about the awliya, and you'll see them growing up to be people who bring change to the world.

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