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This Dunya is NOT a Competition!!

This dunya is not a competition. There is no competition in getting a degree, getting married first, going on a honeymoon before your friends, settling down before your sisters. There is no race in finding a better job than your best mate and finally settling down. It is not a competition of bank balances, credit cards and cars. It is not about who looks better and who is the most beautiful. It does not matter who has children first and how many houses you are able to purchase. It does not matter if it is a terraced house, semi detached, a mansion, a castle or a palace. It is not a competition of how many friends you have and how many followers you can get on social media. People spend their lives completely wasting themselves on futile things.

The only thing you need to focus on is you. Are you happy? How you can increase in proximity to your Lord? How do you attain forgiveness? How can you get back up after falling? How will you attain self-contentment? Have you bettered yourself since last year? How do you increase in good? How satisfied are you with yourself? How will you be the closest to the Messenger of Allah in the akhirah? Shaykh Aslam

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