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What are you doing with your Life?

Just ask yourself what are you doing with your life?

There are many brothers and sisters who can contribute greatly to Din. However, they are busy with their lives; working, earning, feeding, day in and day out.

Besides working and feeding the family, what else have they done?

No doubt earning Halāl and feeding the family is a great act of reward.

But what about the Dīn?

Here are few things you can directly help in propagation of Dīn:

1. Organise a good strong team of professionals from all walks of life (males and females). Sit down and make a list of things they can do with the mosques/‘Ulamā to help revive Dīn in the community.

2. Start classes for adults (Aqeeda, Tajweed, Fiqh etc) in your area and call an ‘Ālim/ah to teach and pay him/her for her time.

3. Ask the local Ulamā ways of bringing people to Masajid for daily prayers: maybe by ringing them or going to them personally. A group of brothers can organise this.

4. Have stalls after Jumu’ah/events to distribute/sell books of Ahlus Sunnah.

5. Help in madrasa, from admin work, helping with teaching, organising events for students to creating/designing PowerPoint presentations, conducting assemblies and organising extra-curricular activities.

6. If there are potential students, sponsor them to become ‘Ulamā. And after graduating, help them financially so they concentrate in putting back into their communities. Add extra on top of what Masajid give them.

7. Help Ulamā who are translating/writing books from proofreading, designing, printing and distributing books.

8. Participate in Da’wah: Mosque visits, da’wah around the neighbourhood, mosque school-visits, doing assemblies at schools.

9. Contribute with community work: cleaning the streets, helping the vulnerable in the community, organise food banks, support the homeless...

10. If there are Ulama who are working 9-5 jobs, get them out of there and support them to actively help in propagation of religious education among the masses.

11. If not anything, then support those who are working for the preservation of Dīn with your kind supportive words.

There’s many other things you can do!

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